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Bluegrass Roots, Fall 2016
Do you have an ancestor whose paper trail is sparse – or hiding from you? This issue shows you how one researcher wrote an evidence analysis to prove an ancestor's connection to her family.
Can't find your Civil War veteran's burial place? Look for him in this issue's list of Kentucky Civil War veterans buried in McDonough County, Illinois.
Those are just two of the highlights in the Fall 2016 issue. Bluegrass Roots is a KGS member benefit. If you aren't a member but want to join, click on  "Join KGS" and sign up online today.
Another KGS Member Benefit:
Pre-Statehood Kentucky Tax Lists
Images for available pre-1792 county tax lists are posted for Bourbon, Fayette, Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, and Mercer counties. Just sign in and click on the "Early Kentucky Tax Lists" link. Yes, a searchable index of surnames would be wonderful! If you can help make that happen, please send email to
Services for Presenters and Researchers
  • Directory of Genealogy Researchers – If you want to hire someone to help you find your Kentucky ancestors — or if you are a researcher wanting to list your services – this directory is for you!
  • Directory of Genealogy Speakers: If your organization is looking for a genealogy/history speaker — or if you are a speaker wishing to be included in this directory – this is the place!
Please help KGS expand these valuable services. If you're a presenter or researcher for hire, please complete the online submission form to be added to the list. If you want to hire a presenter or researcher, please check here first!
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2nd Saturday – December 10th – Oral History for Genealogists
Session 1: What can oral history tell us about the past? Learn about Oral history and how you can use it as both a primary source and as a methodology. Session 2: What tools can help me with oral history? Learn about different tools that can help you collect and access oral histories

Bluegrass Roots!
The Fall 2016 issue is now available to KGS members. To read it, sign in and click on "Bluegrass Roots" under the "Members Only" tab.

Pre-Statehood Tax Lists Now Online
Another benefit of KGS membership: Online access to pre-1792 Kentucky tax records. Records for six counties are already posted, and more will follow.